Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Remembering the Important Times

I was flipping through my old blog that I don't keep up with anymore and came across a post that marked close to the beginning of my culinary adventures.  This day was weirdly important and made me realize how much I love my kitchen and how much I love to cook.  If anyone needs a reason to keep a blog/journal/diary, this would be it.  A nice reminder of what happened to cause the HUGE turning point in your life.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I went to cook dinner last night and discovered that my kitchen was being flooded..... sigh.   After trying to make phone calls, putting on flip flops and looking for someone to help, I was blown off by a new office employee because the office was closed.... Who in their right mind says, sorry, I hear you saying your apt is being flooded, but if I help you, I'd have to help everyone else in these situations.  WHO does that?!  After hours of water gushing up the sinks, and a VERY new on call repair guy unclogging the building and wet-vac'in my kitchen, everything seems to be doing well.  I did a lot of praying to get rid of my anger and frustration at the situation and ended up cooking a full blown meal right after the repair dude left.  (I'm still a tad upset at the whole situation) But not near as angry and panicky as I was when it was happening.

After a VERY long day at work today, I ended up cooking some awesome wraps to take to work (since I need to lay off the fast food) ((they took away our awesome discount at work, so eating at subway is almost as expensive for me as it is for normal people)).  I also fired up the crock pot with a roast that I (unfortunately) have to shred at 530 tomorrow morning, but I thank God every day for my love of cooking.  Rain or shine, it's just what I do.  (I might be too tired to have dinner tonight though.  I spent over 2 hours prepping the other two things.)  Frozen food for the win.


I don't usually  promote stuff like this, but even though it's irrelevant, it's an important reminder of the little things that change our lives.  At this point in my life, I'm looking at attending Culinary School after I get my bachelor's degree.  :)  Follow your dreams and never forget the past.

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