Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Bloggin'

Well it can't ALL be about food right?  Ok ok it really is but I had to share my excitement about the little things in my life.  :D  I went shopping the other day at our new grocery store Winco.  There are a TON of people against this store because they do not take credit cards, just debit and cash to keep the costs of food down.  So here is my haul of food!  I spent $71 on what should have cost me well over $125.

And not long after putting all this yummy food up, I rearranged my kitchen to make room for my new canisters I got from an aunt.  :D I've been waiting years to finally own a set!!!

They go great with my black and red dishes.  :)  So now my kitchen is more organized and I have more room to do all my cooking.


  1. We had winco in idaho and i loved it becuz of the big bins they have of everything from nuts, to cereal, to pasta, to chocolate, and even spices. I loved being able to buy as much or as little as i wanted!

  2. It's a VERY handy store and wish it were closer, but it's well worth the drive!!!